My Travels in Design

This is my first post and I wanted to tell you about why I decided to blog.

I’ve designed all of my working life. First a graphic design degree from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. After 30+ years working in agencies and owning a graphic design studio, I took the plunge into owning my own home furnishing boutiques.

That was my “always wanted to do this” move! Three shops in the Philadelphia area.Chaise & Corbel I was working hard, winning “Best of Philly” for my efforts and enjoying designing the interiors of these spaces.

After ending my career as a retail entrepreneur and using my interior design experience, I started staging houses in the Philadelphia area and as a part of that, organizing and downsizing those residents for their move. Logical next move? I now have my Pennsylvania Real Estate license.

All of this circles back to my love for design.

I‘d like to share my passion with you.

Join me on my adventures!

Cottage Home, Narberth


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