On the weekend I shop


I’ve been suffering from Antique Market withdrawal since Fall, so last weekend I celebrated!

Our local (suburban Philly) market – Clover Market – had their indoor extravaganza on Saturday and Sunday. It is held every year for the past few in a beautiful old armory in center city Philly. A good mix of vendors, including vintage and craft, made for a fun morning. So many unusual things to see – so many things I don’t need or have room for. Mid-century modern, farmhouse, cottage, cabin, and things I can’t even put a label on.

Some vendors I know like Nannygoat Antiques from beautiful downtown Narberth (my hometown) and Isabella Sparrow, with a shop in Chestnut Hill.

This is heaven for a collector. That would be me. Unfortunately or fortunately, depends how you look at it, many things I saw, I already have or have had.

But this did not stop me. I bought a high heeled wooden shoe, probably used in a store display, a large old general store display jar “ Eat Tom’s Peanut Butter Sandwiches 5c ” (I do have a use for this) and an antique framed Valentine card, because it’s the season and I need a little something for myself.









blocks in jar









I got my fix for the time being. But I just heard that in a few weeks my all time favorite out of town shop is having their delayed Ground Hog Day Sale.

Can I wait?

Who knows what these are??

Who knows what these are???


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