Loving Lucketts

Lucketts car

Last weekend I had an Uncommon Cottage hip vintage home excursion to the delayed (due to snow storm) Ground Hog Day sale at Lucketts Country Store in Leesburg VA. I usually meet my daughter there but this time I did it on my own. It always feels so Southern here – well it is the South! Parking in the field, walking through the gravel paths of outside vendors and the cottage buildings – the Old Country Store, the Design House and the Beekeepers Cottage.

outside vendor

Bee Keepers

design house
Inside The Design House
I want this bed!


bird house
A BIG Birdhouse? It’s perfect!



Lucketts is open everyday but the Design House is only open once a month. It is filled with interior design settings, mostly new things, farm house chic. The Bee Keepers Cottage has more personal items and beautiful linens and bedding. Here’s where I saw the bed of my dreams. No – not until I get my new garage door! The country store is a mix of new and old, what they call vintage hip chic. No matter what it’s called I would like it all to be mine. Did I say that I don’t need anything and I just came to look? I am proud of myself because I only bought a few small decorative things and a coffee table. I’ve been in my cottage 14 years so it’s nice to change out some things. Spring does that to me.

donut cart
The only food today is the Organic Donut cart


After loading up and leaving I drove down the road to the pink barn. Antiques here, too. Spring is in the air so I bought a flower filled fireplace screen.

pink housepink bike

fireplace screen

After I loaded that up I had lunch and set off for home. Why does it always seen to take longer to get home?

Just bought my VIP early entrance ticket to The Spring Market in May!

If you’d like to have a fun-filled day, plan a trip with your friends!

Lucketts Country Store, lots of outside vendors, crab cake sandwiches and blue grass music! A truly Southern, hip, vintage, chic, experience.

coffee table
Back at home – glad I bought it.
my rooster
Like my rooster?






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