Spring Markets – I Shop!


In the past 4 weeks I’ve shopped 3 antique markets. One Saturday, two Sundays.

Locally in suburban Philly, Clover Market has been a mainstay for several years. I always go and, yes, I always buy but it’s getting a little harder. I realize that most everything I see I already own or have owned in the past! Is that years of looking or just good taste? I came away with a lovely clock that had been refurbished into a planter. The dealer told me he likes to do unusual things with usual items. Of course I identified with him. Right now it has a live plant in it and is hanging on my living room wall. How soon will I kill the plant? Shouldn’t be too long and then I’ll re-purpose it again.

I don’t know what to call the other item. Maybe a very tall glass lantern? And I haven’t figured out what to do with it. A plant inside, candles inside?

The day I came home from Clover I was inspired to move things around in my cottage. New things in, other things out (to the basement).

clock planter

Lantern Chestnut Hill

The other market was touted as a gigantic barn sale. It was in Chadds Ford, Pa. Mostly what was large was the traffic jam. Too many people on a two lane road. The organizer told me they expected 1,500 people and had 5,000. Not enough dealers and not enough porta potties. I did buy a wood spinet piano top made into a mirror. The artist collects old pianos from north Philly homes and churches, takes the parts and makes something else.

Quite unusual!piano mirror

I also had to have this handmade wooden train. Maybe to add to the decor in a child’s room? We’ll see…

train hand carved


My next antique market will be Lucketts in Virginia. This is the big one for me. The cream of the crop. Southern furniture, blue grass music and crab cake sandwiches.

I do drive an SUV but my cottage can hold no more!

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