A Caregiver?

Anyone who has children, aging parents or live plants is a caregiver. I’ve done it all except the plants part. Once it gets hot outside – that’s our summer here – I don’t like to go out of my air conditioning. What a cop- out, right? Any plants I’ve loved and enjoyed in the spring… Read More A Caregiver?

Coffee Cottage or Cottage Coffee

                                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘Does everyone know I’m a coffee fanatic? But coffee might not be good for me. To that I say, it’s my only vice I have left. It’s summer so my drink of choice is iced coffee. My favorite beans are from Rival Brothers http://www.rivalbros.com in Philadelphia. They roast their beans locally and in small… Read More Coffee Cottage or Cottage Coffee

Loving Lucketts

I’ve talked about my love of this outdoor market in Virginia. Well it didn’t disappoint this year. My daughter and I went on the preview day – they offer these tickets for an extra fee online – but it’s worth it to avoid the crowds, and this year, the rain. We had a great time,… Read More Loving Lucketts

Loving Lucketts

Last weekend I had an Uncommon Cottage hip vintage home excursion to the delayed (due to snow storm) Ground Hog Day sale at Lucketts Country Store in Leesburg VA. I usually meet my daughter there but this time I did it on my own. It always feels so Southern here – well it is the… Read More Loving Lucketts